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[全巻収納ダンボール本棚付]学園ベビーシッターズ (1-25巻 最新刊)


[All-volume storage cardboard bookshelf] Gakuen Baby Sitter (Volume 1-25 is the latest issue)

[All-volume storage cardboard bookshelf] Gakuen Baby Sitter (Volume 1-25 is the latest issue)

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タグ アニメ化 子育て 学園 少女漫画 時計野はり 漫画 白泉社

Publisher: Hakusensha
Author: Clock Noh
Size: 112mm x 174mm
Number of books: 26
Language: Japanese
Category: Girl manga, manga
Latest release date: 2024-03-05

◆ Products with all -volume storage book shelves ◆
It is an assembled cardboard bookshelf (plain) that can store new books, B6 versions, and complete comics.
I don't want to increase the number of furniture, but I want to organize it neatly! Recommended for such people.
Also, if you no longer use it, you can flatten it flat and clear it.
There is no problem even for those who are not good at crafting because they do not use any tools or adhesives.
Anyone can easily assemble in about 3 minutes while looking at the instructions.

[Delivery shape] We will deliver it after assembly in our shop.
[Size] Outdoor dimensions: width 485mm x height 205mm
[Number of storage rolls] New edition: Approximately 32/B6 version: about 26/Full version: about 20 books

Ryuichi and his younger brother Torataro who lost their parents in an airplane accident. The two are taken over by the chairman of Morinomiya Gakuen, but the president's exchange conditions are "Baby sitters in the school nursery room" !! "scramble★

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