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ベル・リュエル Belles Ruelles 1er 銀ねこ通り (1巻 全巻)


Bell Luel Belles Rueles 1ER Silver Neko Street (Volume 1 All Volume)

Bell Luel Belles Rueles 1ER Silver Neko Street (Volume 1 All Volume)

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タグ TAO はしゃ コテリ ソライモネ ヒノヤマビコ マツオヒロミ 作品集 実業之日本社 幸田 志岐佳衣子 浮雲宇一 漫画 鎌谷悠希 青年漫画

Publisher: Business Nippon Company
Author: Hiromi Matsuo, Yuki Kamaya, Koteri, Ukumunu Ukumo, Hasha, Sora Mone, Yoshiko Shiki, TAO, Hinoyamabiko, Koda
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Youth manga, manga
Latest publication date: 2023-11-02

Comic and illustrations for up -and -coming creators to create a fictitious city!
"Belles Rueles" means [beautiful alleys].
11 writers draw a unique store and facilities in fictitious alleys
This is a collection of comics and illustrations that have never been before.

The name of the city is "Eufemia".
It is a "city that sells stories and memories."
To the old town, Maurilian Street (commonly known as Silver Neko Dori)
There are unique shops and facilities created by each writer
Each story is progressing in one street regardless of time.

◆ Hasha ………… Hostel “THE BIRD PERCH HOSTEL”
◆ Ukiun Ukumo ……… Clock shop “Paradiso”
◆ Sororomone ... Photo studio "Jubilee"
◆ Coteri …………
Museum “Whale”
◆ Yoshiko Shiki ... Spice shop "Spice UU"
◆ Hinoyamabiko… American Diner “The Old Moon Diner”
◆ Koda Kazuma ……… Lamp shop “St. Elmo”
◆ TAO ………… Laundry & Cafe & Public bath “Eupolon Building”
◆ Yuki Kamatani ……… Bonsai shop “Kei”
◆ Hiromi Matsuo ... Boutique "Soie Rouge"
◆ NANAI UMI ……… Bakery “Bakery Cado”

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