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ブラッククローバー 英語版 (1-26巻) [Black Clover Volume 1-26]

Viz Media

Black Clover English (1-26 volumes) [Black Clover Volume 1-26]

Black Clover English (1-26 volumes) [Black Clover Volume 1-26]

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タグ Tabata Viz Media Yuki 未設定 漫画 英語版(English Ver.)

Publisher: Viz Media
Author: Yuki, Tabata
Number of books: 26
Language: Japanese
Category: English version (English ver.), Manga
Latest release date: 2021-08-03

ASTA IS A Young Boy Dreams of Becomings of the Greatest Mage in the Kingdom. Only one Problem-he Can't Use any Magic! NCREDIBLY RARE FIVE-LEAF CLOVER GRIMOIRE THAT GIVES HIM THE Power of Anti- Magic. CAN someone Who Can't Use Magic Really Become The Wizard King? One Thing's for Sure-ASTA WILL NEVER GIVE UP! Ility in a World WHERE Magic is everything. Keep A Promise With His Friend, ASTA Dreams of Becoming The Greatest Mage in The Land, The Wizard King!

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