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[書籍]BLANK PAGE 空っぽを満たす旅


BLANK PAGE A journey to satisfy empty

BLANK PAGE A journey to satisfy empty

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タグ エッセイ 一般書籍 内田也哉子 文藝春秋

Publisher: Bungei Shunju
Author: Yayako Uchida
Size: 128mm x 188mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: General books
Latest release date: 2023-12-15

Feeling, confusion, abusive state, black hole ...

"I lost my core characters in my life and became empty, so I wanted to meet people."

Shuntaro Tanikawa Koizumi Kyoko Nobuko Nakano Meng Ms. Ryuji Sakamoto Ryuichi Kirishima Kirishima
Miyako Ishiuchi Yamazakimari Koeda Hiroshi Kuboshima Seiichiro Ito Hiro Matsuko Matsuko Deluxe Charlotte Gens Bool

Gently push the back of walking alone, with 15 people

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