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[Book] Touhou Bunko

[Book] Touhou Bunko

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タグ 一般書籍 一迅社 未設定 趣味・生活 雑学・エンタメ

Publisher: Ichijinsha
Size: 148mm x 210mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: General books, hobbies / life, trivia / entertainment
Latest publication date: 2005-08-11

This book is original, Gensokyo's information -in information, and the Yumaru Funari (Shamei Marbun) appears !! Thorough dissection from the perspective of the sentence! Of course, the text is written by the original author ZUN! In addition to comics (original: ZUN comic: leaf garden), plenty of anthology comics are included. Illustrators who are closely related to the series, such as Funji Shitenji (Touhou Karindo) and ALPHES (Touhou Susumu), also participate in the series! Speaking of the "Touhou" series, the charm of music is also indispensable! With special content CD -ROM with new songs!

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