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完全版 マウス アウシュヴィッツを生きのびた父親の物語 (1巻 全巻)


Complete Edition The story of the father who survived Mouse Auschwitz (Volume 1 whole volume)

Complete Edition The story of the father who survived Mouse Auschwitz (Volume 1 whole volume)

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タグ アート・スピーゲルマン グラフィックノベル パンローリング株式会社 小野耕世 漫画 青年漫画

Publisher: Pan Rolling Co., Ltd.
Author: Art Spiegerman, Koyo Ono
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Youth manga, manga
Latest release date: 2020-05-18

A masterpiece translated into more than 30 languages
The first graphic Novel who won the Puritzer Award

This book is a "complete version" that integrates the masterpiece of the manga artist Art Spiegerman "Mouse" and "Mouse II" and revised the translation.

A masterpiece of Holocaust's Jewish survivor Vradeck's story by his son Art Spiegerman.
He shocked the world, conveying the reality that has not been spoken so far from its own method and perspective.
The main feature of this book is to draw Jews as rats (= mouse), Germans are cats, Polish people, and Americans are dogs.
With a novel and friendly approach, it draws readers into the truth of the Holocaust.

The narrator's father Vradeck is from Poland.
After the war, he moved to New York with his wife.
In the first part, from the youth of Vradeck to get married, a harsh fleeing life, and until he was accommodated in the Nazi's hand.
The second part spells out the miserable experience, liberation in Auschwitz, and the return to Sosnovett.
Throughout the whole story, the scene in New York, where the author listens to his father's experiences, is woven.
As a result, the background of the guilt brought in survival, after Vradeck, who fights the fear that will never disappear,
It has been drawn to how the trauma of the Holocaust has affected his son.
In addition, the unexpected response after the release of the mouse, the first part of this book, is also included in the second part in the balance of the mind.

One, one person, the sadness of the decrease in the number of family members, the crushing of everyday life gradually collapses, persecution, hunger, abuse, death ...
Because it is a graphic novel that appeals to visuals, not words, the horror is transmitted.
"A certain father's memory" is a must -read for all humanity.

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