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キュビズム・ラブ (1-4巻 最新刊)


Cubism Love (Volume 1-4)

Cubism Love (Volume 1-4)

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タグ KADOKAWA/角川書店 少女漫画 未設定 松本テマリ 漫画 芝村裕吏

Publisher: KADOKAWA/Kadokawa Bookstore
Author: Temari Matsumoto, Yuri Shibamura
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 4
Language: Japanese
Category: Girl manga, manga
Latest publication date: 2014-05-01

On the way to the landing game, Noriko was in an accident.
When I woke up, there was a young doctor, Shinoda, who looked worried about Noriko. Noriko has a good feeling of Shinoda who becomes childish when she laughs. However, Shinoda's mouth tells the fact of the impact. Noriko in the accident lost her body and had only the "brain" in a small black box -!? The ultimate pure love, given by a gorgeous creator of Temari Matsumoto x Yuri Shibamura. ·story.

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