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異世界ランジェリーショップ (1-2巻 最新刊)


Different World Lingerie Shop (Volume 1-2 New)

Different World Lingerie Shop (Volume 1-2 New)

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タグ KADOKAWA/メディアファクトリー ファンタジー 今井真椎 仕事 岡まだち 漫画 異世界 青年漫画

Publisher: KADOKAWA/Media Factory
Author: St. Oka, Masae Imai
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 2
Language: Japanese
Category: Youth manga, manga
Latest release date: 2023-03-23

The transfer destination is a world without underwear ...!? Lingerie solves the worries of different world girls!

Lingerie Designer Takumi Yamashita, who loves women's underwear, is
One day, he died in an accident, and when he noticed, he had a medieval European -style different world with swords and magic ...!
Looking around the city, there are many women wearing highly exposed clothes, but not all wearing decent underwear.
Takumi, who had a sense of crisis, saying, "If this is the case, the women's body will collapse!"
Gather friends and solve concerns about the body of different world girls!
A different world work fantasy developed by heroines with various body types such as small breasts, big breasts, and big buttocks in Onee!

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