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Dragon Girl & Monkey King (Volume 1 All Volume)

Dragon Girl & Monkey King (Volume 1 All Volume)

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タグ 寺田克也 小学館集英社プロダクション 未設定 漫画 青年漫画

Publisher: Shogakukan Shueisha Production
Author: Katsuya Terada
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Youth manga, manga
Latest release date: 2014-11-30

The latest art book of Katsuya Terada, whose world is craving, land in Japan! A painter "Katsuya Terada" with a bold composition and a precise painting. In addition to character design and their own manga works, as a variety of illustrators, they are also popular not only in Japan but also from overseas.本書はアメリカのダークホース・コミックス社が出版した『Dragon Girl and Monkey King: The Art of Katsuya Terada』の邦訳版ながら、日本版オリジナルとして、寺田氏が近年発表したイラストをページ追加と一部差し替えのAbove, recorded. In addition, it is the latest large format that could be reproduced in the magazine of Katsuya Terada, such as introduction of works that add more comments on Terada and almost all pages.

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