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ドリームバスター (1-7巻 全巻)


Dream Buster (Volume 1-7 whole volume)

Dream Buster (Volume 1-7 whole volume)

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タグ 中平正彦 完結 宮部みゆき 徳間書店 漫画 青年漫画

Publisher: Tokuma Bookstore
Author: Miyuki Miyabe, Masahiko Nakahira
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 7
Language: Japanese
Category: Youth manga, manga
Latest release date: 2010-09-13

In the planet "Tera", confidential experiments were being conducted to separate consciousness, store and move freely. However, the experiment failed, and the vicious death row prisoner, which was provided in a human experiment, was only conscious, passed through a space -time omission and fled into the dreams of the earthlings!
Dreambuster is the prize money that hunts down and captures this "fugitive". She, an orphan, is raised as a named Dream Buster, encountering her teacher, Maestro.

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