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幻想ラビリンス (1-6巻 全巻)


Fantasy Labyrinth (Volume 1-6 latest edition)

Fantasy Labyrinth (Volume 1-6 latest edition)

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タグ かまたきみこ ホーム社 女性漫画 完結 漫画 秋乃茉莉

Publisher: Home
Author: Miko Kame, Mari Akino
Size: 148mm x 210mm
Number of books: 6
Language: Japanese
Category: Female manga, manga
Latest publication date: 2011-10-25

A paradise that nobody has seen, an endless labyrinth. A new world where seven stories are invited. Ichiko's "The Cold Queen of the Castle of the Pass" was afraid of the queen's legend that he ruled the path of the pass. Mari Akino "The Moon Apparently Star Unusual" The person who is a star, asks the moon. The story of the gods and the earth, the god of the god. Hanako Matsuyama "The shadow of the sun" is a twin of men and women born in a house. The boy died, and the remaining girls became the master of the sword. Miko Kamako "Legend Academy" Alex is one of the most important! In such a case, it is not possible to have a field class in the voyage era!? Yuko Kuwahara "Newspaper Shibito" Black is a person who has left the life of a person like a biography. Suddenly, I was dissatisfied with the guidance director. Eriko Sano, "The painter of the time," Nara Todaiji Temple. In a magnificent water -filling ceremony, the illusion of a woman appearing in front of a young monk ... Rin Takiguchi's "Illustration" King, a mysterious beauty, the Lord Tamamoto. When I am sorry for the unfortunate circumstances and invite me to my house ...

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