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[全巻収納ダンボール本棚付]◆特典あり◆アオアシ (1-35巻 最新刊)


[Aoashi (Vol.1-35) [with 3 sets of TORICO Limited Clear Cards] ◆With Special Offers]

[Aoashi (Vol.1-35) [with 3 sets of TORICO Limited Clear Cards] ◆With Special Offers]

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タグ アニメ化 サッカー 小学館 小林有吾 漫画 特典付 舞台化 青年漫画

Author:Yugo Kobayashi
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 36
Language: Japanese
Category: Seinen Manga,Manga
Latest Release Date: 2024-03-29

◆Product with bookshelf to store all the books
This is an assembled cardboard bookshelf (plain) that can hold new book editions, B6 editions, and complete comics.
It is recommended for those who don't want to add furniture but want to organize neatly! Recommended for those who do not want to add furniture but want to keep things neat and tidy.
Also, when you don't use it anymore, you can quickly flatten it and put it away, which is the charm of cardboard.
Even if you are not good at crafts, you can assemble it without using any tools or glue, just by fitting it into place.
Anyone can easily assemble it in about 3 minutes with the help of the instruction manual.

The product will be assembled at our store before delivery.
Outer dimensions: 485mm (width) x 205mm (height)
Storage capacity] New book edition: approx. 32 volumes / B6 edition: approx. 26 volumes / Complete edition: approx. 20 volumes

Aoki gemstone, fly in the "J Youth"!
Aoi Asito is a junior high school student living in Ehime. Although he is still in his infancy, he has a strong talent for soccer, However, his overly straight-forward personality leads him to experience a major setback... Asito is now a member of Tokyo City Esperion, a powerful J-Club in Tokyo, Japan. Tatsuya Fukuda, the youth team manager of Tokyo City Esperion, a powerful J. League club in Tokyo, appears before Asito. He sees Asito's unlimited potential, and recommends him to take part in the selection process for his team in Tokyo. The destiny of the boy who will revolutionize soccer in Japan in the future begins to turn rapidly from here!

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