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ガクエン退屈男 [カラー完全版] (1-2巻 最新刊)


Gaken Boring Man [Color Complete Edition] (Volume 1-2 new edition)

Gaken Boring Man [Color Complete Edition] (Volume 1-2 new edition)

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タグ 復刊ドットコム 未設定 永井豪&ダイナミックプロ 漫画 青年漫画

Publisher: Reissue Dotcom
Author: Go Nagai & Dynamic Pro
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 2
Language: Japanese
Category: Youth manga, manga
Latest publication date: 2015-04-25

The school is a battlefield! Tremish in the passionate of three student guerrillas! ! 1970--- In this year when the storm of Gevalt was ragged all over the world, the unprecedented action giant in the manga history sent by Young Genius Go Nagai was a [complete version] that recreates all color pages at the time of serialization. Finally reprinted! Kado, Ryoma, and Tsubasa's three "student guerrillas" challenge the armed educational world to regain freedom. A reliable violence masterpiece, the opening here-------! ! In the late 1960s, Go Nagai, who made a huge hit at Harenchi Gakuen, turned from the gag route and challenged the masterpiece of Violence Action--. Kodansha "Weekly Magazine" The same work, which was serialized in the February 17, 1970 issue of February 17, 1970, is a painful and speedy action with extreme violence depictions that were not in Japanese manga up to that point. In addition to the unreasonable resistance to powerful and unreasonable power, the craving of freedom, and the unique style of "good and evil" and "beauty and ugliness", it attracts many readers. This is the most important work that became a popular manga and became the source of the later years, such as "Devilman" and "Violence Jack". The story is in the 70's, and the educational world has collapsed in the growing student movement. The teachers armed themselves and obtained a license for killing. On the other hand, the students continued to resist through guerrilla activities, and the era called "Education Western Age" has arrived. Under such circumstances, Saotome Gate and Ryoma, who have infiltrated the school infiltrated the school, will incite students and start guerrilla activities as a flag. Outlaw, Saotome Gate, showing genius guns. Ryoma, a slender and neutral beautiful warrior. Nishikori Tsubasa, a beautiful leader who leads the Tsubasa Party for women. And a mysterious man who plans to eradicate student guerrillas, Sanmo Tiger. The four thoughts are complicatedly entangled, and the story escalates with madness ...! The dangerous air of the 1970s and the strange and the clearness of the young genius writer, Go Nagai, and the brush, this masterpiece was crushed by scattering red -black sparks, and it is fresh in the chaotic era. The enthusiasm that is full of the whole story and a vivid visual. A tribute to Macaroni Wa Stan, which had been dominant at the time, exploded in the whole story, and subcurphans must read the video movements by Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez later. In this publication, a beautiful color page (4 colors and 2 colors) at the time of the serialization is a feat that first reproduces. In addition, in addition to the first recording page of "phantom", the first recording of the extremely rare diagram such as door paintings and notice cuts, a new interview with Dr. Go Nagai will also be recorded, "no more" fans' tears specification! All manga fans, take this hot blow! !

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