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[書籍]ゲーマーズ・フィールド 28st Season Vol.1


Gamers Field 28ST Season Vol.1

Gamers Field 28ST Season Vol.1

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タグ TRPG ファーイースト・アミューズメント・リサーチ 一般書籍

Publisher: Far East Amusement Research
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: General books
The latest release date: 2023-11-06

The first book of the 28th season of the TRPG support magazine "Gamers Field" released bimonthly monthly.

In addition to the "Vision Connect" supplement "Vertical Live Party (provisional)" scheduled to be released this winter, the opening is the opening volume.
"Blade of Arcana Classic (provisional)", new TRPG "Route ZERO ─ Outlaw Escape RPG─",
"Metallic Guardian RPG Compensation", "Double Cross THE3RDEDITION Super Scenario Support Vol.4 Round About",
New information for this winter, such as "Tokyo N ◎ Va the Axleration Super Cinario Support Vol.14 Last Stage".

In this issue, a replay "Heaven's Radder" using "Tokyo N ◎ Va Cruud" is posted.
Alice Leopard celebrated his 18th birthday and left Neverland.
In order to search for an older brother who survived six years ago, he stepped into the Tokyo N ◎ VA street with the escort and guide Kazu.
What is the truth to wait for the door of fate?

TRPG introduction by Mikako Mikaki 4 Komamanga "Hawato★TRPG will deliver the play of the new work "Route ZERO ─ Outlaw Escape RPG-" released this winter.
In addition, "Hakiwa Dosei", "Vision Connect", "Last Cuem -Neogothik RPG-", "Loin Blakeers", "Kenzen Musou",
"Double Cross the 3rd Edition", "Arian Rod RPG 2e", "Tokyo Nightmare", "Bless this wonderful world! TRPG,
Product support articles such as "Age of Galaxy", "Anima Animus", "Marginal Heroes", "Monotone Museum", and "Metallic Guardian RPG" are posted.

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