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Getters Iida's Gosei Sanshin Fortune -telling 2024Complete Edition

Getters Iida's Gosei Sanshin Fortune -telling 2024Complete Edition

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タグ ゲッターズ飯田 一般書籍 占い 幻冬舎

Publisher: Gentosha
Author: Getters Iida
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: General books
Latest publication date: 2023-11-08

2024 is the year that shines your charm.
All 12 types of this book can be fortune!

The series has exceeded 10 million copies!
Compasses (gold/silver), Indian seat (gold/silver), phoenix seats (gold/silver), clocks (gold/silver),
This year, the release of a complete version of the chameleon (gold/silver) and dolphin (gold/silver) is decided this year!

Twelve types of 12 types of 2024 "General luck", "love luck", "marriage luck", "shopping / fortune", "parent and child / family luck", "beauty / health luck", of course
Compatibility with the other person you care about, the number of lives by 2024, the "star you have" for each life,
Completely include age -specific advice, annual fortune graphs, monthly fortune, and 365 days lucky advice.
I understand not only my fortune, but also the luck of the people I care about, so if you have one book at home, at work, and school, everyone will enjoy it!

★2024 is a year when the times change the times.
★This book is a book that can change life by divulging yourself and the people around you.
★Fortune -telling various people will eliminate human relationships.

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