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ガールズ×セクハライフ(1-2巻 最新刊)


Girls x Sexhale Life (Volume 1-2 Delivery Publish)

Girls x Sexhale Life (Volume 1-2 Delivery Publish)

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タグ JK スクウェア・エニックス 少年漫画 河合朗 漫画 百合

Publisher: Square Enix
Author: Kawai Ryo
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 2
Language: Japanese
Category: Shonen manga, manga
Latest release date: 2019-09-21

Touch (sexual harassment) is a privilege of girls!
Imadoki JK's Setsuri Setsuri loves Fudooka Kiyosumi, a childhood friend. The two good friends are always with them ... but that's not enough!
Show me more! Let me massage! Let me lick!!! Excessive skinship / girl comedy☆

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