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ハッピー・オブ・ジ・エンド (1-3巻 最新刊)


Happy of the End (Volume 1-3)

Happy of the End (Volume 1-3)

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タグ BL BL(ボーイズラブ) おげれつたなか 大人女性(アダルト) 竹書房

Publisher: Takeshobo
Author: I'm sorry
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 3
Language: Japanese
Category: Adult women (adult), BL (Boys Love)
Latest release date: 2023-10-17

"Congratulations, I'm alive"
I woke up with the garbage dump in the afternoon and the voice of a familiar man.

Chihiro, who is hungry and has no money, is a bar he visited to find a new "house"
It feels good when you look at your favorite man, Kate and make a voice.
When I was invited to a hotel and got a good atmosphere
One day ago, I was suddenly beaten by the electric massage.

Even though I remember everything, I saw Kate calling my friends
This time, I was collected while thinking that I might be killed.
Kate's purpose is a certain search, and if you know that you are useless
It is easy to say "disappear", but there is no "house" to return.

Mysterious Dodo Ike injury man x life bottom Himokas man
A fucking -like life, a distorted co -sound of two hungry for love

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