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I'm not dead

I'm not dead

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タグ エッセイ エッセイ・紀行 一般書籍 動物 村山由佳 集英社

Publisher: Shueisha
Author: Yuka Murayama
Size: 105mm x 148mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: General Books, Essay / Journey
Latest release date: 2023-10-20

Yuka Murayama's cat essay!
It's been a year since I took care of my cat with "I can't breathe if I don't have a cat."
The miraculous encounter drama in the last spring of Heisei and the form of happiness from the 50s are excited.

Following his father and his cat, he lost his mother, who had a deep feud.
At the funeral of the mother, I meet a cat.
The small cat moves the time he has stopped.

"It is different from "Love is not a limited food"
"If you think calmly, there are much easier things that have become easier as you get older."
"There is one or two things in my life, which cannot be yielded or forgiven."
"No matter how hard it seems, the most common things that come to live are, so, for the time being, it's not life."

The gentle proverbs that have been gained from experience shine everywhere.
One book to give to everyone who is tough now, those who face the aging mind and body, those who have lost their important things, those who are suffering from their relationships with their parents, and those who love cats.

Contains plenty of adorable cats and beautiful Karuizawa in colored speech and text.
A must -see for handwritten comments that are tasty!

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