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I'm worried about my next butt (Volume 1)

I'm worried about my next butt (Volume 1)

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タグ 一般書籍 加藤のりこ 実業之日本社 未設定 漫画

Publisher: Business Nippon Company
Author: Noriko Kato
Size: 148mm x 210mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: General books, manga
Latest publication date: 2015-08-31

How can you cure your buttocks!?
Lol Comic Essay fighting hemorrhoids !!

It is said that one in three people is suffering from hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are very familiar diseases for Japanese.
Hemorrhoids tend to be considered to be common in men,
Because women have a unique cause of hemorrhoids,
In fact, it seems to be common in women, depending on the type of hemorrhoids.

the result…
"The hole in the ass is hot, but what is this?"
"Can you cure with over -the -counter drugs?"
"I don't want to be seen by a male doctor"

I was ashamed and couldn't go to the hospital, couldn't consult, so I left it.
The current situation is that there are many such situations.

This work is performed after a long hemorrhoid life and the surgery!
Nevertheless, the fighting episode experienced by the author who has not been completely cured and still fights wart hemorrhoids,
I drew useful information such as how to associate with hemorrhoids and select a hospital,
It is a laugh comic essay that encourages those who are suffering from hemorrhoids.

■ There is hemorrhoids
● First, try to cure with a commercially available drug.
● Reliable if the clerk at the pharmacy is Okama (can you understand your feelings?)
● If your doctor's finger is thick, you will be scared.
● The portable ass hole purifier is a god.
● I like soft toilet paper.
● I miss the toilet bowl.
● The hole in the ass is hot.
● "I'm not sharp" is a habit.
● The sitting is weird.
● The toilet is within 10 minutes.

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