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アイリス・ゼロ (1-8巻 最新刊)


Iris Zero (Volume 1-8 latest edition)

Iris Zero (Volume 1-8 latest edition)

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タグ 4コマ KADOKAWA/メディアファクトリー SNS 擬人化 漫画 蛍たかな+ピロ式 青年漫画

Publisher: KADOKAWA/Media Factory
Author: Fireflies+Pillow type
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 8
Language: Japanese
Category: Youth manga, manga
Latest release date: 2019-01-23

The mysterious power of "Iris" dwells in the eyes of boys and girls. Toru Mizushima, who has been bullied as a young child, has pungent to spend his time being not noticeable to make enemies. However, at one point, she receives a "confession" from Koyuki Sasamori, a popular beautiful girl in school. The behavior of Toru, who has gained attention ...!? Popular school fantasy that resonates with the person who has it and the person who has no person, the long -awaited comic!

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