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精神科ナースになったわけ (1巻 全巻)


It became a psychiatric nurse (1st volume 1)

It became a psychiatric nurse (1st volume 1)

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タグ イースト・プレス エッセイ エッセイ・紀行 医療 女性漫画 水谷緑 漫画

Publisher: East Press
Author: Mizutani
Size: 148mm x 210mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Female manga, manga, essay / journey
Latest release date: 2017-04-12

Yoshie Ota, a normal OL, decided to become a psychiatrist nurse because of the sadness of the death of her parents and the experience of having lost her mind.
However, it is difficult to understand the symptoms and the condition of the body, such as the injury and illness of the body, and the days with patients with mental illness are far exceeding the imagination, and there are no answers.
One day, in the wake of a certain incident, she wanted to understand the patient's hearts more. She entitled the "disappearance meeting" to create an opportunity to discuss what to do when it was tough, want to escape, and what to do? ???
As I did, there are times when nobody can be in the ordinary. Where is the border between "funny" and "not strange"? What is "delusion"? What is "crazy"? ????? A comic essay that draws a realistic psychiatric site from the perspective of a new nurse.

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