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政略結婚のはずなのに、何回イッても離してくれない…!アンソロジー (1巻 全巻)


It should be a political marriage, but no matter how many times I get it ...! Anthology (1 volume all volume)

It should be a political marriage, but no matter how many times I get it ...! Anthology (1 volume all volume)

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タグ TL(ティーンズラブ) アンソロジー 一迅社 女性漫画 恋愛 漫画 結婚

Publisher: Ichijinsha
Author: Anthology
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Female manga, manga, TL (teens love)
Latest publication date: 2023-10-25

"No matter what hand you use I will make you loved by me. " I thought it was a “political marriage” The love from my husband is too heavy ...? Cover Illustration: Masaka [Recording work] "The cruel Count and the secret room ~ I'm supposed to be a political marriage, but I'm unexpectedly doted! ~ " Author: Yamato The repeated natural disaster has a marriage in which the house survives, Mikaela, who is dangerous. It was from the Counts of Blue Calf, which is the nickname of the Blood Spear. Michaela wants to know more about him, even though she should be a marriage without love. "I kiss the promised again ~ I can't get out of the bed because I'm too doting even though it's an unexpected marriage ~ " Author: Hiro Nanabishi Sarah, a daughter who promised to marry a boy when he was young. It was an unexpected person who came to pick up Sarah, who would be excited when his promise was finally fulfilled. Despite being discouraged by marriage different from his intention, a new fact is revealed as the thread of memory is reached ...? "I want to be doted even in political marriage ~ Sweet night taught by soft fiance ~ " Author: Kashiwagi Elizabeth has a complex on his unfriendly personality and face. My husband, surrounded by many women, gave up that it was inevitable because it was a "political marriage" that he did not reach out. However, it has finally reached the limit of patience ...? "Passing marriage -Sweet pain and secret of saint-" Author: Ai Hashimoto General Lios and Saint Aria, who married political marriage for peace and protection. It should be a marriage of the shape, but Aise overlaps, and the distance between the two gradually shrinks. However, from the day when Aria heard "rumors", there was no visit to Lios. "Please like me ~ I am clumsy and cute to my younger husband ~ " Author: Kurasawa Eugene, the desk of the Earl, who chose an older Ann, who is not a nobleman, as a marriage partner. Ann, who is confused why he was chosen, asked for the reason, but on the contrary, he offended Eugene and failed for the first night. The two lived a passing life, but some events triggered it?

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