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[絵本]だいじょうぶかな はじめての しゅくだい


It's okay for the first time

It's okay for the first time

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タグ うめだちづる くすのきしげのり ひかりのくに 絵本

Publisher: Hikari no Kuni
Author: Kusunoki Kijige, Umeda Chizuru
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Picture book
Latest release date: 2024-02-07

Exciting first -year students to give
The next day after the entrance ceremony, the first lunch with the school tanken!
However, if this "tsuyoshi" of the bear is sneezed at the same time, it will return to the original figure even if the surge is solved !!

The previous work, "Ichinsei Ichinsei," was well received, and a continuation story was born.
The child of the mountain is a child of a human being in a human elementary school, which is a new environment
The first graders all over Japan sympathize with the excitement and excitement facing each other.
It is a recommended picture book not only for first graders but also for children who are preparing to enroll.

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