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[児童書]JC紫式部 (全1冊)


JC Murasaki Shikibu (1 book)

JC Murasaki Shikibu (1 book)

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タグ ラブコメ 児童書 学園 石崎洋司 講談社 阿倍野ちゃこ 青い鳥文庫

Publisher: Kodansha
Author: Yoji Ishizaki, Chuko Abeno
Size: 112mm x 174mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Children's book
Latest release date: 2024-02-07

A new series of the author, which is extremely popular in the "Black Witch is passing !!"
Set in a celebrity and Heian era school that has slipped back in time by Murasaki Shikibu.
A little horror love comedy!

Ayabe Ichinose, one of the birth of and raised in the United States, went to Japan for his father's work.
On the first day of the transfer, it was Michicho Fujiwara, a handsome high school student who helped me for the troubled part.
Even though I was thinking of living quietly, I was so pinched by the girls!
Mr. Shiji Fujiwara, the caretaker of the same class, is bullish and at his own pace, but caring.
However, it seems that his personality does not match with Kiyona Kiyohara, who is the central person of the class and the queen temperament.
―― In other words, Mr. Murasaki and I are “two people”!?
Moreover, there are many mysterious rules and events, such as "different directions", "waiting for Koshin", and "Hyakki Yogyuki".
A very difficult life at a terrible school has begun ... !!

All kanji is pretending to be.
For elementary school higher grades or older

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