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[特典付]かがくるBOOK 科学漫画サバイバルシリーズ (全88冊)


Kagaru Book Scientific Manga Survival Series (88 books in total)

Kagaru Book Scientific Manga Survival Series (88 books in total)

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タグ 児童書 学習 学習・参考書 朝日新聞出版

Publisher: Asahi Shimbun Publishing
Number of books: 89
Language: Japanese
Category: Children, learning and reference books
Latest release date: 2024-01-19

Translated and published for the best -selling manga "Survival Series" in Korea.
You can learn while enjoying knowledge about nature and living things.

■ Product content
Airplane survival (1-2)
Allergic survival (1-2)
Parasitic Survival (1-2)
AI survival (1-2)
Microorganism survival (1-2)
Survival of harmful substances
Bird survival (1-2)
Survival of water shortage
Fire survival
Survival of wetlands
Robot world survival (1-3)
Survival on an uninhabited island
Dinosaur world survival (1-2)
Amazon survival
Earthquake survival
Desert survival
Insect world survival (1-3)
Glacier survival
Savanna survival
Space survival (1-3)
Sea survival
Volcano survival
New virus survival (1-2)
Antarctic survival
Mountain survival
Tornado survival
Abnormal weather survival (1-2)
Cave survival
Torrent survival
Survival of energy crisis (1-2)
Himalaya Survival (1-2)
Typhoon survival
Human survival (1-2)
Survival in the plant world (1-3)
Air pollution survival
Angkor Wat Survival (1-2)
Night Safari Survival (1-2)
Underground World Survival (1-2)
Survival of tidal flats (1-2)
Deep -sea survival
Intense cold survival
Nuclear survival (1-2)
Natural history museum survival (1-2)
Garbage Island Survival
Aquarium survival (1-2)

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