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キングロボ (1-2巻 全巻)


King Robo (Volume 1-2 Volume)

King Robo (Volume 1-2 Volume)

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タグ パンローリング 完結 少年漫画 桑田次郎 漫画

Publisher: Pan rolling
Author: Jiro Kuwata
Number of books: 2
Language: Japanese
Category: Shonen manga, manga
Latest release date: 2004-08-31

Super Robot beyond Eightman!
Japan's first serial TV animation was born in 1963-.
Jiro Kuwata, the author of "Eightman (manga version is 8 man)", when children all over Japan were dancing the activities of "Astro Boys" and "Tetsujin 28". I was working on comics.

That is "Kingrobo" serialized in Shonen King.

Kingrobo freely flies around the air with his back and belt rockets against Eightman, who runs on the ground at super speed.
The groundbreaking is both arms that leave the body according to the machine, transform into an ultra -small jet, and a special drill and a hard rock.
Although it is a life -size, it can be said that it is a pioneer of later deformation combined robots.

What is decisively different from Eightman is that the electronic brain does not have its own will, but a gas -like alien that moves.
In a modern style, it is a mobile suit that King Alien wears to fight.
For this reason, King Alien uses two robots, a combat type (King Robo) and a human type. It is unusual for Kuwata's work to have an original author, but you can enjoy the charm of Kuwata World purely. In this book, the manuscript published at that time was completely recorded! It is a recommended book without complaint. * "Shonen King" No. 11 to 1964 No. 28 in 1963, "Besson Shonen King" (both Shonen Ishirosha), 1966, April, September issue.

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