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Learn happily with Rurubu manga and quiz!

Learn happily with Rurubu manga and quiz!

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タグ JTBパブリッシング 学習まんが 学習・参考書 谷知子

Publisher: JTB publishing
Author: Tomoko Tani
Size: 150mm x 220mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Learning / Reference Book
Latest publication date: 2023-11-21

[Ryoko Sato, a "Sato Mama" who passed all the third son and one woman at the University of Tokyo, is also recommended! ]
Let's enjoy Hyakunin Isshu with all -color manga and illustrations!
The story of the waka, the background, and the meaning of the language, can be understood by fun manga and gentle commentary.
There are many columns related to Hundreds, such as the current appearance of [Utakakura], the culture of the Heian era, and how to play Karuta.
Karuta's winning technique, with a poster for the [Judgment] list.
* All kanji comes with a pretend. Waka can be read by the historical kana and how to read it, and even elementary school students can read it.
* Target age: Elementary school to upper grades.

[Learn happily with manga and quiz! 4 points]
100 waka can be read in manga! The singer's profile!
Introducing the meaning and background of waka with manga and illustrations, and easy -to -understand commentary.
You can understand the love circumstances of the Heian era and how to feel the landscape, and imagine the feelings of the old people, and you can get close to Hyakunin Isshu.
All singers have a profile and understand human relationships such as parents and children and couples.

You can learn historical kana and waka techniques!
In all waka, the reading of the historical kana, such as reading "Fu" as "U", is posted.
The old words that do not understand the meaning as it is is given a commentary.
In addition, we introduce techniques such as pillows, adherence, and hanging lyrics, and are devised so that children who touch the waka for the first time can understand.

A column that makes the world of one hundred people familiar
The stage of the waka that remains in modern times [Utakakura] and pages to introduce animals and plants with photos,
In the Heian period costumes, love, and the explanation column of old life, you can get closer to the world of Hyakunin Isshu.

Poster & Sakuin, you can memorize Karuta play!
Memories that are effective in playing Karuta can be used by using the upper phrase, lower phrase, the author name Sakai, and the fixed character poster.
In addition, quizzes related to waka are questioned for each chapter. Let's enjoy the whole hundred people in this book!

■ Table of contents
Chapter 1 Asuka -Heian period
Chapter 2 early Heian period
Chapter 3 Mid of Heian period
Chapter 4 Late Heian period
Chapter 5 Kamakura period
There are many columns that you can enjoy learning, such as the formation of one hundred people and the Fashion of the Heian era!

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