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Learn happily with Rurubu manga and quiz! Electricity and energy

Learn happily with Rurubu manga and quiz! Electricity and energy

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タグ JTBパブリッシング クイズ 学習まんが 学習・参考書 川村康文

Publisher: JTB publishing
Author: Yasufumi Kawamura
Size: 150mm x 220mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Learning / Reference Book
Latest publication date: 2024-03-04

[Ryoko Sato, a "Sato Mama" who passed all the third son and one woman at the University of Tokyo, is also recommended! ]
A mysterious power that can do anything! ?
Learn familiar electricity secrets with easy -to -understand manga and illustrations!
* All kanji comes with a pretend.
* Target age: Elementary school to upper grades.

[Learn happily with manga and quiz! Three points]
One easy -to -stop science unit "electricity" with illustrations and manga is gently explained
The mechanisms of electricity such as "current" and "circuit", which are easy to be weak, are explained in an easy -to -understand manner with all -color illustrations and illustrations.

2 Understand the latest technology that supports society, such as superconducting and renewable energy
Introducing the latest technology of electricity and energy that supports the future! It is a book that triggers the fun of electricity.

3 If you read it, you want to try it! Easy experiments that can be done at home
Introducing experiments that can be done at home using materials available at 100 yen shops!
Experience the mechanism of electricity learned in manga and commentary leads to a deeper understanding.

■ Main table of contents
Chapter 1 History of Electric
Chapter 2 Electric Kihon
Electric in Chapter 3 in Living
Chapter 4 Creating electricity and collecting
Chapter 5 Future of Electric

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