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[児童書]るるぶマンガとクイズで楽しく学ぶ!小学生の学習に最適! 社会・地理歴史セット


Learn happily with Rurubu manga and quiz! Ideal for learning for elementary school students! Society / Geographical History Set

Learn happily with Rurubu manga and quiz! Ideal for learning for elementary school students! Society / Geographical History Set

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タグ JTBパブリッシング クイズ 伊藤賀一 学習まんが 学習・参考書 横山光昭 池野範男

Publisher: JTB publishing
Author: Koichi Ito, Norio Ikeno, Mitsuaki Yokoyama
Size: 150mm x 220mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Learning / Reference Book
Latest release date: 2024-02-26

[Ryoko Sato, a "Sato Mama" who passed all the third son and one woman at the University of Tokyo, is also recommended! ]
Rurubu's learning manga "Learn happily with Rurubu Manga and Quiz!" Series are summarized in the set box for each subject and genre.
This is a society and geographical history set where you can learn about the geography and history, as well as the mechanism of money that has been a topic in recent years.
You can learn happily with all -color manga and illustrations, perfect for elementary school students!

[Set BOX book contents]
● "47 prefectures"
・ Learn the prefecture happily with manga and quizzes, perfect for elementary school students! Of course it is also useful for taking junior high school exams.
・ Easy to understand maps and illustrations that make use of the editing know -how of the "Rurubu information version"!
・ With a large format poster that can be used by sticking it on the wall, the child's curiosity of "I want to go" will be curious.

● "Country of the World"
・ Introducing the world and the earth in the world and the earth with manga and quiz, you can feel the world closer!
・ 42 countries that are closely related to Japan are introduced as a set of manga, maps and commentary.
・ We summarize the basic data, such as the capital of each country, the national flag, the population, and the persons related to each country.

● "Japanese history"
・ From the Paleolithic era to the peace! You can get the flow of history perfectly with one book!
・ Explains the knowledge you want to acquire, such as keywords and cultures of the times, with plenty of manga and illustrations.
・ It is full of themes that are familiar to children, such as historical figures and episodes.

● "Japanese History Person Den"
・ You can see the life and episodes of 136 important Japanese history!
・ As the introduction of high school historical subject "History General", Japanese people who have studied and played abroad in foreign countries, especially after the most involved modern times, are introduced.
・ Quizes are asked for each era.
There is also a commentary, so you can deepen your understanding.

● "Money of money"
・ There are plenty of themes that can acquire literacy for money, such as how to nurture money, how to use money, and investment.
・ Explains the role of money and history, as well as economic activities, money flow, tax and exchange rate, etc. in an easy -to -understand manner!
・ Utilizing the editing know -how of "Rurubu Information Version", it is explained in illustrations and easy -to -understand diagrams.

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