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[児童書]10歳からの考える力を伸ばす 名画で学ぶ作文ドリル


Learn with a masterpiece that extends the ability to think from the age of 10

Learn with a masterpiece that extends the ability to think from the age of 10

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タグ かんき出版 ドリル 久松由理 学習・参考書

Publisher: Kankuki Publishing
Author: Yuri Hisamatsu
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Learning / Reference Book
Latest publication date: 2024-02-21

Observe the art of the world → Think → Output in your own words, 3 steps,
A unique essay drill that gains thinking, expressing, judgment, creativity, and a wide range of culture while having fun!

Vermeer, Manet, Van Gogh, Millet, Rubens, etc.
There is no doubt that adults will be absorbed in reading top -notch masterpieces.

Chapter 1 "Polishing observation" -let's say what you have seen correctly
"Nederlant's proverb" Petel Brugel (Father)
"Pearl's necklace girl" Johannes Vermeer
"Woman who pours milk" Johannes Vermeer
Chapter 2 Hone "Thinking"
"Blowing a whistle" Eduar Manet
"Arles's Room" (the author is page 34)
"Woman with parasols" Claude Monet
Chapter 3 Polishing "Imagination" -Let's make an invisible thing
"Blue Horse I" Franz Marc
"Winds of the Window" Bartolome Esteban Perez Muri Ryo
"Sheep" Rene Magritte
Chapter 4 Pathing "Creativity" -Let's create new value
"Hegel's Holiday" Rene Magritte
"Cactus man" Odilon Redon
"Sleeping Gypsy Woman" Henri Rousseau
Chapter 5 Peach "Reading Feeding" -Clim art appreciation to reading
"Apollon and Duffune" Jean Lorenzo Bernini
"Ophelia" John Evarette Millet
"Christ" and "Christ down" Petel Paul Rubens

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