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[絵本]品格・教養・やる気が身につく絵本 やってみよう!


Let's try a picture book that gives you a dignity, culture, and motivation!

Let's try a picture book that gives you a dignity, culture, and motivation!

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タグ KADOKAWA たはらともみ 伸芽会 絵本

Publisher: kadokawa
Author: Nobuyukai, Tomomi Tagara
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Picture book
Latest publication date: 2023-11-22

A magical picture book that gains necessary knowledge while enjoying picture books!

Shinshukai, which has a tremendous pass rate for the prestigious elementary school and kindergarten exam, is completely supervised!

―― You may think, "Why do you teach me this?"
For example, in the case of elementary school examinations, the school is a group that is a group of children.
The school wants to come to children who respect, sympathize, and change their power because various children gather.
Elementary schools are looking for the necessary power for that.
But whether or not you take an elementary school exam, they are the necessary power to be independent as a person (partially excerpted from the supervisor message) -

“I want to take elementary school exams, how do you do it?”
Because the essence is a picture book, you can enjoy it while having fun!

Children will naturally acquire the power required for elementary school examinations, dignity, culture, and motivation by having children read and read by themselves.
What kind of power does adults require adults? How do they improve their power?
By checking the contents in the picture book at the end of the book, you can improve your strength while convincing.

No matter whether you take the exam or not, you will develop the power you need for the future.

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