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[ライトノベル]万能女中コニー・ヴィレ (全6冊)


[Light novel] Cony Ville (6 books in total)

[Light novel] Cony Ville (6 books in total)

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タグ krage ジュリアンパブリッシング ライトノベル 恋愛 漫画 百七花亭

Publisher: Julian publishing
Author: Hyakuga -tei, KRAGE
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 6
Language: Japanese
Category: Light novel, manga
Latest release date: 2024-02-26

Connie Ville, who works in the castle, has an extraordinary physical strength and power of the castle, and is a versatile woman who is all -in -a -long cooking and laundry and cleaning garden pruning.
By the way, 17 years old is a thorough local taste without the desire to get married. Such a girl lover and a good handsome knight, Leanhard, is approaching!?
Apparently, he seemed to be her brother -in -law due to Connie's mother's mother's super ball remarriage, and he was planning to take Connie home. But Connie, who doesn't want to be involved with aristocrats and mother, is annoying!
I struggle to escape from him, but for some reason, Leanhard's tracking began to gradually become hot -? Is there a love between the dead women's Connie and the pheromone boy Leanhard!????

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