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[ライトノベル]死人の口入れ屋 (全1冊)


[Light novel] Dead of the dead (1 book)

[Light novel] Dead of the dead (1 book)

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タグ ポプラ社 ミステリー ライトノベル 短編集 阿泉来堂

Publisher: Poplar
Author: Aizumi Kido
Size: 105mm x 148mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Light novel
Latest publication date: 2024-02-06

Soko Kose, who quit his job due to a certain circumstances, came to an interview with "Ancient Shoten Amida -do" to introduce the person who took care of him.
However, Amida -do is not just an antique store, but a ghost, which is a ghost, lends [anniversary].
Customers who have grudges and hatred that cannot be said to people come to the power of ghosts.
I don't know that a ridiculous ending is waiting ...!
Dondenden x Horror Mystery -Short Editing, which is said to be a hot topic in "Nakimesama" and "Fake Music Medium"!

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