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[ライトノベル]獄門撫子此処ニ在リ (全2冊)


[Light Novel] Gokumon Nadeshiko Kohni (2 books)

[Light Novel] Gokumon Nadeshiko Kohni (2 books)

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タグ おしおしお ファンタジー ライトノベル 伏見七尾 小学館

Publisher: Shogakukan
Author: Nanao Fushimi, Oashio
Size: 105mm x 148mm
Number of books: 2
Language: Japanese
Category: Light novel
Latest publication date: 2024-02-17

The maiden, eating a monster ~

This is the top of 1469 works.
17th Shogakukan Light Nobel Award "Grand Prize" Awarded!

The gesture of the Gate -the blood tribe that appeared from the hell.
They were in the mysterious old capital, Kyoto, and they were afraid of the disturbing people who manipulated the magic, but also the monsters.
A girl who is a descendant of such a evil house — Gokumon Nadeshiko is a daughter who eats a monster.
A fascinating girl, which was picked up from the cracked flame -an abominable girl.

"Is it Nadeshiko? I see, it's pretty as the name suggests."
This is a strange, disturbing, beautiful woman -fruitsu no Hana.
The encounter with her laughing without fear of herself changes her naps.

Things hidden in the flower ceiling.
A boxed person.
A curse that can be bruised in the school.
An intimidation of people.
Unhappy monster.
As we challenge the mystery one after another, they eventually confronted themselves, who were looking away.

"If you didn't, I would have been a demon."

A girl who has a human heart in the demon's body and a woman with a strange soul in a human body.
The edge of the two cuts the blood story.
Type-Moon Takashi also acknowledged, a girl Kikitan.

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