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[ライトノベル]英雄はアンブロシアを喰む (全1冊)


[Light Novel] Heroes eat Ambroosia (1 book)

[Light Novel] Heroes eat Ambroosia (1 book)

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タグ BL BL(ボーイズラブ) KADOKAWA/角川書店 ライトノベル 円陣闇丸 小綱実波

Publisher: KADOKAWA/Kadokawa Bookstore
Author: Minami Kozuna, Enjin Yakimaru
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Light novel, BL (Boys Love)
Latest release date: 2023-12-01

"How to leave your back" Series Kozuna Minami -sensei's newly written work!

Actor Ai Mamiya travels to the United States for shooting and meets a beautiful bodyguard Ethan.
Ethan tossed indigo with the mysterious word "finally found" and brought indigo to the different world where God and humans live.
Ethan's identity was Nikiasu, a hero, and was a hero candidate dispatched to regain the fruit of the hero from the garden of God.
And the fruits that give infinite power to the hero candidate were the nature of indigo, which was received as a human.
Ai, who did not forgive Nikias, who brought to another world, began to know the harsh mission of Nikias and want to help.
However, a fight against hero candidates in each country around the indigo that unconsciously emits a sweet smell -?

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