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[ライトノベル]ひきこまり吸血姫の悶々 (全13冊)


[Light Novel] Hikikomari Vampire Princess in agony (13 books)

[Light Novel] Hikikomari Vampire Princess in agony (13 books)

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タグ SBクリエイティブ りいちゅ ファンタジー ライトノベル 吸血鬼 小林湖底

Publisher:SB Creative
Author:Kosoko Kobayashi,Riichu
Size: 105mm x 148mm
Number of books: 13
Language: Japanese
Category: Light Novel
Latest Release Date: 2024-03-15

The story is based on the book, "...... What? What?"
Komari, a.k.a. Terakomari, a reclusive girl, wakes up to find that she has been chosen to become a general of the empire! Moreover, Komari is leading a bloody and rough unit where subjugation is rampant.
Although born into a prestigious vampire family, Komari has a dislike of blood, and is "athletically inept," "small in stature," and "incapable of using magic.
She is at a loss for what to do, but her maid Viru, who is supposed to be her confidant, says to her, "Leave it to me. Leave it to me. I'll make sure my men will be wrong!"
This comical fantasy depicts Komari's rapid progress, relying on bluff and luck! Although she is a recluse, Komari is a "can-do" girl!

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