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[ライトノベル]あなたの姿をもう追う事はありません (全1冊)


[Light novel] I will not follow you anymore (1 book)

[Light novel] I will not follow you anymore (1 book)

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タグ アルファポリス ライトノベル 彩華 復讐

Publisher: Alpha Polis
Author: Ayaka
Size: 128mm x 188mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Light novel
Latest publication date: 2023-11-01

Menil was polishing himself for his favorite fiancee Kyle.
However, Kyle goes to the royal capital school, and she doesn't come to see Menil or send letters.
When Menil entered the school in the royal capital, there was a woman near him, like a lover.
Moreover, he learns that he has a bad reputation, saying, "My fiance is a villain daughter who has an ugly personality and appearance!"
He tried to ask what he was, but for some reason he didn't realize that Meny was his fiancee.
Inevitably, Menyl and surrounding people sent a letter many times, but they don't seem to read ...!?!?
Too much, the surrounding people cut more than Menyl and planned to retaliate to Kyle.

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