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[ライトノベル]空に響くは竜の歌声 (全18冊)


[Light Novel] Hear the Dragon Sing in the Sky (18 books)

[Light Novel] Hear the Dragon Sing in the Sky (18 books)

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タグ BL ひたき ドラゴン リブレ 女性漫画 漫画 飯田実樹

Author:Saneki Iida,Hitaki
Size:128mm x 188mm
Number of books: 18
Language: Japanese
Category: Women's Manga,Cartoon
the latest volumeRelease Date: 2024-05-20

A mysterious voice calls out to him, "Don't just come here to feed me like you feed me, don't just come here to give me your spirit. He wakes up in a strange place where dragons fly in the sky and the Dragon King rules the land of Elmaan. Told that he must live as the Dragon King's queen by an ancient contract, the crimson-haired Dragon King Fei Wan appears before the bewildered Ryusei. But he is in the form of a young child...! The king is an adult, but has been transformed into a young child because he lacks the "soul essence," the food of life that only Ryusei can provide, through physical contact. A conspiracy over the throne, a bond between master and servant, a mysterious past death, and love with a destined mate! The long-awaited book version of the popular BL novel from the web! !

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