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[ライトノベル]双星の天剣使い (全5冊)


[Light Novel] The Heavenly Sword Master of Twin Stars (5 books)

[Light Novel] The Heavenly Sword Master of Twin Stars (5 books)

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タグ cura KADOKAWA/富士見書房 ファンタジー ライトノベル 七野りく 最強

Publisher: KADOKAWA/Fujimi Shobo
Author:Riku Nanano,cura
Size:105mm x 148mm
Number of books:5
Language: Japanese
Category: Light Novel
the latest volumeRelease Date: 2024-04-19

The undefeated great hero is the strongest hero even if he is reincarnated in the future--!

Even though she is the daughter of the Zhang family, a prestigious family that protects the northern frontier of the empire,
She is a beautiful girl who is both literate and talented, and is adored by her people.
I have been with you for ten years since I rescued you. I want to protect your back.
...... What a troubled young lady you are!
The one who saved me, Sekiei, the reincarnation of an undefeated hero from 10000 years ago, from the brink of death is her.

Since then, we have lived in the Zhang family, training together like brother and sister.
But the time was war. The war with a different tribe began.
"Did you see how young Waka wields the sword? "And the bow, a hundred times in a row!"
I'm going to use my previous life's martial arts talent and play an unparalleled role in the world with Hakurei!
The warring sword fantasy of a reincarnated hero and beautiful girls is about to begin!

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