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[ライトノベル]余りモノ異世界人の自由生活 (全7冊)


[Light novels] Loturation of a different world (6 books in total)

[Light novels] Loturation of a different world (6 books in total)

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タグ アルファポリス スローライフ ライトノベル 異世界 藤森フクロウ

Publisher: Alpha Polis
Author: Fujimori Owl
Size: 128mm x 188mm
Number of books: 6
Language: Japanese
Category: Light novel
Latest publication date: 2023-10-25

Shinichi Sagara (Shin), who works for a black company, is involved in summoning the brave and moves to a different world.
However, he was a ton demonstration nation that exploited the excellent abilities of different worlds.
Shin immediately smelled the bad smell and quickly escaped from the country.
He started his long -awaited slow life in a mountain village of another country.
One day.
He gets acquainted with a noble who is imprisoned away from the lord.
This is a troubled prince in the flower garden, and for some reason I missed Shin.
From a quiet rural life, Shin is struggling to take care of the Prince of Da Inu!?

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