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【書籍】『孤独のグルメ』巡礼ガイド (1-3巻 最新刊)


"Lonely Gourmet" Pilgrimage Guide (3 books in total)

"Lonely Gourmet" Pilgrimage Guide (3 books in total)

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タグ グルメ 一般書籍 扶桑社 漫画 週刊SPA!『孤独のグルメ』取材班

Publisher: Fusosha
Author: Weekly SPA! "Gourmet of Lonely" coverage group
Size: 148mm x 210mm
Number of books: 3
Language: Japanese
Category: General books, manga
Latest publication date: 2018-04-05

The official guide of the late -night drama "Gourmet of Soleness" (TV Tokyo series) has finally appeared!
We have carefully selected and introduced stores from the unique restaurants visited by the protagonist, Goro Inokashira, dressed as a unique actor, Yutaka Matsushige.
Two major interviews, a famous store shooting secret story by Yutaka Matsushige, the introduction of famous stores that became the original creator of the original author, Masayuki Kusumi. "Gourmet of loneliness" is a must -see for fans.
Let's go to eat the specialty dishes of that shop, such as one -coin set meal to yakiniku, hot spicy Chinese food, eel, etc.

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