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Magma ambassador photo book

Magma ambassador photo book

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タグ ホビージャパン 写真集 画集・イラスト集・写真集

Publisher: Hobby Japan
Size: 210mm x 297mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Art books, illustrations, photo books
Latest publication date: 2024-02-29

A collection of super valuable photo materials for the original Tezuka Osamu original and Japan's first color special effects program "Magma Ambassador"!

A photo book that gathers as much precious photos of "Magma Ambassador", which is still very popular, and shows it in large format.
The testimony of Eiichi Kikuchi, who played the human Modoki and others, and Toshiki Takagi who produced miniatures, will be introduced as valuable photos.
In this book, an interview with Tetsuya Uomi, a suit actor of Ambassador Magma, was posted.
Despite his achievements, Uozumi has been a full -fledged interview for the first time, and many new facts are revealed!
The brave figure of an ambassador to Magma who colored the beginning of the color era.
A special effects hero visual book, which archives valuable photos as it is!

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