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Marugoto Curry

Marugoto Curry

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タグ PHP研究所 チョーヒカル 絵本

Publisher: PHP Research Institute
Author: Cho Hikaru
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Picture book
Latest release date: 2023-10-24

Suisei, Kinki, Chikyu, Kake, Mokusei, Dose, Kaisei, Tai, Tsuzuki, Hoshizora ...
Everything, you can eat it!?

[How to make a whole curry]
① The planet under the planet
Cut, peel, or get rid of the planet
② Firing the planet
In a hot frying pan, squeeze it slowly until the color changes
③ Cross the planet
Put a plenty planet and plenty of hoshizora in the pan and squeeze it.
④ Continue to read and enjoy

A new sense of food that fosters the conversion and imagination of ideas? Picture book!

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