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きのこ漫画名作選 【改訂版】


Mushroom manga masterpiece selection [revised edition]

Mushroom manga masterpiece selection [revised edition]

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タグ Pヴァイン 作品集 文学 飯沢耕太郎

Publisher: P Vine
Author: Kotaro Iizawa
Size: 128mm x 188mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Literature
Latest publication date: 2016-06-10

[ * This product is a corrected version of the same name book published on March 30, 2016.

"To all" mushroom poisoners ""

Gold leaf on the front of the cover,
The first edition limited 3000 copies of super luxury special binding!

Includes a lot of "mushroom motifs" drawn by manga artists, such as Sanpei Shirato, Yoshiharu Tsugo, Reiji Matsumoto, Marina Shirakawa!
Mushroom enthusiast Tokiko fans, unlikely "Mushroom manga" anthology!

Mushrooms that are extremely popular as a collection item, such as sundries, stamps, stamps, photography, literature, music, movies, art, and apps.
This book includes "Mushroom Literature School" and "Magical Mushroom Tour".
Kotaro Iizawa, who has many books related to mushrooms, carefully selected only mushroom manga from among tens of thousands of books.
"Mushroom manga anthology" that was unlikely was born.

The binding is Hidenori Yoshioka (Septenbar cowboy), who worked on "Mushroom Literature Name Selection" and "Selection of Pain Literature".
This mystery, poison, and mystery embodying the mystery, poison, and mystery of nourishing and poisoning, not plants or animals.
All people who love mushrooms are a must -have book!

■ Recorded works (recording order)
Yoshiharu Tsugo "First Mushroom" ("Screw -type unique masterpiece selection 1")
Noriko Nagasaki "Hisaku Yumeno Kinoko Conference" ("Ebony and IRONY Short Collection")
Akira Aoi "Light Road Book on the toes" ("Light Road diagram on the toes")
Yuko Akiyama "Yama no Yuki" ("Insects")
Yasuko Sakata "Mushroom Better Life" ("Peter and Pistchi")
Reiji Matsumoto "Delusion's Night Train" ("Man Osidon No. 1")
Minami Shinkuni "Onifusube" ("Kinokoku Chika 1")
Mimiyo Tomosawa "Mushroom Travel" ("Mushroom Travel")
Hayashida "Mushroom Mountains are eating" ("Drohedro" 3 volumes)
Hido Azuma "Mushroom Room" ("In the collection of Azuma Hideo works collected night book")
Kazuichi Hanawa "Mushroom spirit" ("Suzaku Gomon")
Makoto "Mushroom Mushroom" ("Mushroom Mushroom")
Motomoto Hagio "Come to my basement room" ("Bradbelli science fiction masterpiece selection U is a spaceship")
Kenya Oba "6:45" ("Postman and Night Country")
Kei Murayama "Mushroom Mushroom Human Marriage♯1 "(" Mushroom human marriage ")
Sanpei Shirazo "Episode 2 Coufaku Satsukusa no Maki" ("??")
Marina Shirakawa "Invaders Mushroom Kinokonga" ("Invaders Mushroom Kinokonga")
Hiroshi Masumura "Contains Natsukusa" ("Aurora Broadcasting Station (bottom)")

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