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[児童書]ぼくのねこ ポー


My cat Poe

My cat Poe

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タグ PHP研究所 児童書 動物 岩瀬成子 童話

Publisher: PHP Research Institute
Author: Naruko Iwase
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Children's book
Latest release date: 2024-03-05

The way back from the school where the club was over after school.
I found a cat near a white house.
I wanted to go home, but my mother might say "no".
At that time, it was raining on my neck.
I thought that the cat would be drenched if the rain began to come out, so I returned home.
The mother said, "I can keep it if you are a cat," and went near a white house or a cat.
But no one knew this.
I named the cat "Po".
A child named Atsukun Mori has been transferred to my class.
When he became friends with Mori -kun, he said, "My family is my parents, my sister, and then the cat."
Mori -kun said, "But the cat is gone."
I suddenly started to pound.
"It's Shinpida", but what kind of cat? I didn't hear.
I didn't want to know what kind of cat ...
This is a childhood fairy tale that draws the subtleties of the boy's heart with a polite brush.

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