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[Bunko] Haruki Murakami meets Hayao Kawai.

[Bunko] Haruki Murakami meets Hayao Kawai.

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タグ 小説 文学 新潮社 村上春樹 河合隼雄

Publisher: Shinchosha
Author: Hayao Kawai, Haruki Murakami
Size: 105mm x 148mm
Number of books:1
Language: Japanese
Category: Literature
the latest volumeRelease Date: 1998-12-25

Haruki Murakami talks about his American experience, the 1960s student conflict, the Aum Affair and the impact of the Great Hanshin Earthquake,
Hayao Kawai deeply accepts the depth of Hakoniwa therapy and the importance of each individual to live their own unique "story".

From "How the individual is connected to Japanese history" to "The key to married life," his thoughts from the cutting edge of the field will soon be heard,
The book highlights the fact that Japan's exhausted society is now at a positive turning point.

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