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[ライトノベル]魔法使いのお留守番 (全2冊)


[light novel] Wizard's housekeeping (2 books)

[light novel] Wizard's housekeeping (2 books)

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タグ kokuno ファンタジー ライトノベル 白洲梓 集英社 魔法使い

Author: Azusa Shirasu,kokuno
Size:105mm x 148mm
Number of books:2
Language: Japanese
Category: Light Novel
the latest volumeRelease Date: 2024-05-20

Shirogane, a great wizard, lives on an isolated island at the end of a continent and has gained the secret of immortality.
People from all over the world send messengers to the island one after another, hoping to possess the magic.
However, none of them succeed in achieving their goal.
The mysterious young man Kuro and Ao continue to protect the island with the words, "The wizard is away.
One day, a boy with blond hair, covered in scars and having lost his memory, washes up on the island they are protecting.
Kuro is suspicious of the boy's true identity and tries to get him off the island as soon as possible, but Ao begins to say that he wants to protect him. ......
The quiet life on the island is transformed by the boy named Himawari, and Kuro's heart, which for a long time seems to have stopped time, is gradually changed.
Meanwhile, he is constantly interacting with the guests who visit the island in search of immortality,
Sunflower develops an extraordinary talent for magic, which is somewhat reminiscent of Shirogane's. ......?
The first volume depicts the shining treasure-like days of the "family" that takes care of the wizard's absence!

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