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ナベシマ (1巻 全巻)


Nabeshima (Volume 1 whole volume)

Nabeshima (Volume 1 whole volume)

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タグ ホラー 少女漫画 漫画 犬木加奈子 秋田書店 電子書籍

Publisher: Akita Shoten
Author: Kanako Inuki
Size: 128mm x 182mm
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Girl manga, e -books, manga
Latest release date: 2002-01-31

I drew the story of the "cat" that I give the most as a material when considering the big theme of the genre of manga, horror, and historical genre, even if the name of the manga genre changes. I noticed that I was not. This is the story of being interested in the story of a "ghost cat" I saw when I was a child, and thought that it would be a new story. (By author) A cats born with a cat's tail on the human body, an omnibus horror that goes on a journey to search for brothers and sisters born in a cat. Included "Men cats have children", "cat cover", "Karasu on the roof with cats is on a tree", "There are no cats", "Cat fuju" "cat is Even if you keep it for three years, you will forget the favor in three days. "

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