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[児童書]新装版 日本のことわざかるた


New Edition Japanese proverb

New Edition Japanese proverb

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タグ いもとようこ かるた ポプラ社 児童書 西本鶏介

Publisher: Poplar
Author: Chicken Nishimoto, Yoko Imoto
Number of books: 1
Language: Japanese
Category: Children's book
The latest release date: 2023-11-16

We chose 44 proverbs that are familiar to children, such as "3 years on the stone", "Singing with shrimp", and "cats and small format". By being able to enjoy the proverb while playing Karuta, you can use the proverb on your own. It brings out the interests of children's words and enrich language life. Yokoto Yokoko's warm and beautiful painting makes Karuta play more enjoyable. (The same content as "Japanese proverbs" published in November 2002)

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