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オトメン 乙男 英語版 (1-18巻) [Otomen Volume1-18]


Otomen Otoko English version (1-18 volumes) [Otomen Volume1-18]

Otomen Otoko English version (1-18 volumes) [Otomen Volume1-18]

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タグ Aya Kanno VIZ Media LLC 未設定 漫画 英語版(English Ver.)

Publisher: Viz Media LLC
Author: aya Kanno
Number of books: 18
Language: Japanese
Category: English version (English ver.), Manga
Latest publication date: 2014-05-06

ASUKA Masamune is a a GUY WHO LOVES GIRLY THINGS--SEWING, Knitting, Making Cute Stuffed Animals and Reading SHOJO COMICS. Ed ​​to Act Manly, Asuka Must HIDE HIS BELOVED HOBBIES AND PLAY TAY TAY THE PART OF A MASCULINE JOCK Instead. Instead. Instead. Instead. Asuka Finds Himself Drawn to Ryo, But She Likes Only THE MANLI, asuka Finds Himself Drawn to Ryo, but shimself drawn to ryo EST OF MEN! Can ASUKA EVER SHOW HIS TRUE SELF To Anyone, Much Less to the Girl That HE'S Falling for?

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